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History of Welsh Elementary
In 1881, Henry Welsh, founder of the town, established the first school in Welsh. In 1898 a new two-story building, consisting of three rooms downstairs and an auditorium and stage upstairs, was built. A fire destroyed this school house in 1904. Another two-story frame building, the first Welsh High School, was constructed after a short time. In 1920 a three-story brick building was erected and housed all of the grades until 1954 when the present Welsh Elementary School was erected.

Welsh Elementary School housed grades one through six. The building also contained an auditorium and a cafeteria which prepared meals for three schools: Welsh Elementary, Welsh-Roanoke Junior High and Welsh High Schools. The student population expansion prompted the addition of temporary buildings in 1965 and 1966. In 1972 kindergarten classes were begun at Welsh Elementary and in 1974 the Welsh School for Exceptional Children was opened. In 1982-83 the sixth grade was moved to Welsh-Roanoke Junior High School. The mini-gym was built in 1985 to accommodate the physical education classes and popular sports program. Pre-school classes began in 1993, and the CCC Lab opened in 1996.
Nine principals have administered Welsh Elementary School since 1954: George Cousin, Marion Vallee, Harry Kyle, Bill Buck, Jack Bonin, Ulysses Andrus, Wilbert Gibeaux, Ronald Oustalet, Arlene Heinen and Rory Myers,the present principal.
Student population is currently above 550 and there are thirty-seven teachers enriching the lives of those students from pre-school through the fifth grade.
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Interviews with faculty members