My awesome career at Welsh Elementary started 23 1/2 years ago! My first 8 1/2 years were spent in the special ed department as an aide for the early childhood class. When Welsh Elementary expanded their Pre-K department , I was asked to take the position as the aide in the new class. Those 10 years were so rewarding for me to watch little 4 year olds (babies actually) grow  up to awesome students ready for Kindergarten in August. As years went by, Welsh Elementary kept growing, so our office needed to expand with another secretary. When the administrators asked me to make the change , I was ready to make the change. I thought it couldn't get better than Pre-K. I was wrong! I LOVE being the first person you see when you walk in the doors at WES! SO I THINK I WILL STAY RIGHT HERE TILL I RETIRE!
My husband, Winn  and I have 3 kids, Jeff, Kelli, and Baleigh. We also have 2 awesome grandsons, Addison and Will. I LOVE spending time with my grandkids, raising show lambs, and doing anything crafty!  I also like teaching CCD for our church. It gives me even more time with the kids!